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A niqab (Arabic: نِقاب‎ niqāb , 'veil' or 'mask'; also called a ruband and yashmak). Niqab is a veil  which covers the face, worn by some Muslim women across the world. It is part of the Purdah that muslim women use to screen themselves from males. There many types of hijab and sometimes it is difficult to distinguish one from another. Sometimes 'Niqab' and 'Burqa' are used interchangeably and niqab  is used to refer to the covering for the face, whereas, burka is used to refer to the covering for the body. The Koran instructs women to dress modestly and cover their private parts.

The niqab is popular in South East Asia, particularly Pakistan and the Middle East, Saudia Arabian, United Arab Emirates, Qatar. The Niqab is also worn in the USA and across Europe and particularly in the UK. Women who wear the niqab are often called niqabi. There are variations in the type ot niqab worn in different countries. In Afghanistan, for example, the common type of niqab is built into the Burqa. so it is all in one covering for the head, body and face.

There are many colours of Niqab available to suit the woman's clothing. The most popular colour for the niqab is Black but now it is available in many other colors usually dark colors. The niqab may be made of two, three or four layers, the bottom layer on face is usually made of cotton breathable fabric, one of the layer known as "eye screen" is made of a net or tulle fabric and other layers are made of Chiffon. The niqab has various forms of fastening on the back of the head such as snaps, tie back or velcro.  The best from usage point of view is the tie back.

The Niqab is worn with a Burqa to cover the body, the Hijab covers the head and the Niqab covers the face.

 Niqab sometimes has the inevitable particular effect of drawing more attention to the eyes.


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